Submission Process

Before the Blind Review

In the process of assessment, first of all scientific competency, innovativeness of the article, its contribution to an institution, its adequacy in reflecting relevant studies ( local and international)  in the literature, linguistic adequacy and its compatibility with spelling rules of Turkish or English are the criteria. In research-review studies, the appropriateness of the study design used in the study, relevancy of the analysis methods, accuracy in assessing study findings and their being discussed accordingly are used as criteria.


Blind Review and Publishing

1- The manuscripts sent to the journal go through a preliminary assessment process by the editors of the journal.

2- After the manuscripts are found to be appropriate by the editors, they are sent to two referees who are experts in relevant field of study. Referees finish their assessment in 30 days. In case, one of the referees accepts and the other rejects publication. The editor sends it to another referee. The manuscripts is accepted or rejected according to the view of the third referee.  If the referees want some refinements to be made, the manuscript is sent back to author(s) to make necessary refinements within 30 days.

3- The manuscripts accepted for publication are ordered according to their topics.

4- The journal owns the copyright of the studies published and author(s) are deemed to have accepted this by sending their manuscripts.

5- The opinions and ideas are personal views of the author(s), they are not the official opinions of the journal.

6- The manuscripts which do not observe the format determined by Cumhuriyet International Journal of Education are not assessed by the editors.

Please watch the following video to see how to send your manuscript. 

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